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Natural ingredients which protect, cleanse and nourish your horse from inside. Read more..

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Product description

Gud Gut Equine Daily Gut Balancer and Conditioner, 1.5 kg

  • One month for one horse.
  • Two months for one pony.

Gud Gut Equine Daily Gut Balancer and Conditioner, 9 kg

  • Six months supply of prebiotics, vitamins and minerals for 1 horse.
  • One year for a pony.


Who What When Why

Gud Gut is an enhanced feed supplement system, combining pre-biotics, pro-biotics and nutrients for all horses. The main ingredients are psyllium husk powder, seaweed meal, garlic, pro-biotics and fenugreek seed.

Natural ingredients which protect, cleanse and nourish your horse from inside.

There are two parts to the system. Gud Gut monthly and Gud Gut daily. The Gud Gut monthly cleanse and nourish is fed every day for the first week of each month and then followed by Gud Gut daily gut balancer and conditioner thereafter. It is standard nowadays that all supplements which are part of any racehorse or high performing sport horses (FEI) diet must be tested on a regular basis for natural prohibited substances, known as NOPS.

All of our products are subject to A.D.P *our anti-doping procedure. Each product is batch tested for NOPS, as well as arsenic and cobalt. We have a positive release policy. This means that no products can be released without passing our A.D.P.

Instructions for horses.

Week 1. Introduce Gud Gut Daily for the 1st week. A small taste to begin, increasing to 1 level scoop per day.

Week 2. Feed Gud Gut Monthly cleanse and nourish. One level scoop in the morning and one level scoop in the evening for 7 days. Do not feed Gud Gut daily at the same time.xc Gud Gut Daily 1 level scoop per day. The process can be repeated or simply continue to feed Gud gut daily. We recommend supplementation with Gud Gut Monthly after worming, antibiotic treatments and other stresses such as travel, hard competition etc.

What to expect

Supplementation is more effective over time however from the end of week 3 onwards we would expect to see extra shine on coat, more settled/content, better feed utilisation. Over time we will see better hoofs, improved overall condition and muscle tone. A properly functioning gut will reduce the risk of colic and ulcers.

The Challenges Gud Gut was designed to overcome.

The overwhelming majority of performance horses have equine ulcers or a poorly functioning digestive system.

Both can have a huge impact on your horses physical  appearance, performance, wellbeing and their mental state. This can often lead to behavioral issues, colic, acidosis and laminitis.

Common Reasons horses are prone to ulcers and poorly functioning digestive system.

  • Turnout time is very limited, and non-existent at competitions.
  • Energy requirements are met by adding processed feeds to the diet, which aren’t always easy for the horse to digest.
  • Management agendas leave them eating just 2 or 3 meals a day. This can lead to acidosis in the hindgut.
  • Heavy exercise influences the digestive process.
  • Sand often builds up in the hind gut and can lead to colic.
  • Antibiotics, worming, vaccinations, illness, biting insects and high grain diets can dramatically effect Gut Flora


The Solution: Our easy to use, two step system to help your horse from inside.



Designed to cleanse, nourish and help clear out the hindgut while introducing vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics. Good bacteria will help to improve gut function.


Adds vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to your horses diet in a natural form the body can utilise. Helping to feed the good bacteria which maintain good gut function.

Our Goal: To help horses and people to work better together


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Natural ingredients which protect, cleanse and nourish your horse from inside.

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